Landscaping Services


Home Builder and Infill Developer Services:

LandPro has extensive experience in providing professional lot grade services, landscape construction and development services for new home builders (single or multi-family), and infill development projects. Our expertise and specialty includes:

  • Site Grading and Foundation Preparation

  • Landscape Demolition Services

  • Excavation Services

  • Site Landscaping Project Management Support

  • Sod, Tree and Shrub Installation

  • Provide all lot surveys, and lot grade certificates as required with work guarantees.

New Home Landscaping:

We are specialists and experts when it comes to new home landscaping. So if you are building a new home, and require landscaping support we offer affordable, pre-packaged, new home landscaping solutions. Our typical package includes:

  • Premium top soil

  • Proper ground preparation (rough and final grade work as needed)

  • High quality sod, shrubs and trees.

  • We also feature mulch or rock shrub beds and edging…and much more!

  • Complete lot grade surveys, with guaranteed rough grade and final grade certificates with Certified Engineering approval.

Our professional landscaping and installation team can usually have your landscaping project done in less than a day.


Commercial Landscaping Construction:

At LandPro we have years of successful experience in providing professional commercial landscape construction services, and we are proud to say that we have worked with some of Edmonton’s leading property development firms. Our expertise and specialty includes:

  • Slab on Grade Services

  • Site Grading and Preparation

  • Under Ground Parking Site Prep.

  • Site Landscape Demolition Services

  • Site Excavation Services

  • Site Landscaping Project Management Support

  • New Landscape Construction Projects

  • All projects are supported by our land engineering partner to support our commitment to cost-effective landscaping support.


Customized Grounds Maintenance Programs:

We will create a customized grounds maintenance program for summer and winter based on your specific needs, schedule site safety and security requirements and budget. In summary, our maintenance services include:

Multi-Family complex and Commercial Winter Maintenance:

Winter site maintenance is one of the most important factors when it comes to upholding the safety and accessibility of your facility. In summary our services include:

  • Parking Lot Snow Clearing and Removal

  • Ice Management and Sanding Services

  • Sidewalk, Handicap and Loading Zone Clearing

  • 24/7 Service Support

  • Dedicated Service Contact

  • Regular Site Safety Audits

  • Routine Service Quality Reviews

  • Consulting Support

  • Flexible Monthly and Seasonal Payment Plans

  • Service Guarantees

Multi FAMILY and Commercial Summer Maintenance:

Maintaining a clean image and the aesthetic appeal of your property is critical to upholding your landscaping investment. We have extensive experience when it comes to providing professional, cost-effective, landscaping maintenance during the summer months.  Our summer maintenance services are supported by a team that takes immense pride in their work, and cares about providing the best service possible for our customers. Our summer maintenance programs include the following services:

  • Weekly Lawn Care

  • Weed Control Management

  • Routine Pruning

  • Shrub Bed Soil Cultivation

  • Watering and Irrigation Support

  • Tree and Shrub Management

  • Pest and Disease Control Site Checks

  • Regular Site Quality Service Reviews

  • Seasonal Planting

  • Consulting Support

  • Flexible Monthly and Seasonal Payment Plans

  • Service Guarantees



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