LandPro Industries Q and A – Retaining Walls


How do we build proper landscape grade wood based retaining walls?


The team at LandPro Industries built many of wood retaining walls in 2018, especially for infill home projects. Briefly, let’s understand why we need grade retaining walls. New grade retaining walls have become a mandatory requirement when a lot currently has insufficient grade levels to drain water away from a home or building (typical of infill home projects). Therefore, the adjusted lot grade plan will require retaining walls on the outside perimeter of the lot in order to allow for new elevated material (clay, soil mix) to be properly graded for excess water drainage.  In other words, we create swell line along the retaining wall to achieve proper drainage. When we build our retaining walls, we use 4 x 6 pressure treated posts wrapped in a plastic vapour wrap. We use the plastic wrap because pressure treated posts are not always “water proof”, and the extra layer of plastic provides for years of water resistant protection.             

Mike Baldock