Land Pro's "3 C's" of Superior Landscaping Support

My business Partner and I created Land Pro simply because we just knew we could deliver superior residential and commercial landscaping support based on value, and service integrity…which by the way   is difficult to find in the Edmonton landscaping services marketplace. So after some deliberation, we came to the realization that the success of our landscaping services firm is really based on three fundamental yet important business practises (the foundation of Land Pro).…Collaboration, Commitment and Care (The three C’s)…of course easily applied to any business.


Collaboration is all about open communication, sharing thoughts and ideas and insuring that there are accessible avenues to continually communicate openly so that the project at hand is completed to the complete satisfaction of ALL Stakeholders.


Having a complete and detailed understanding of our customer’s deadlines, quality initiatives and landscaping expectations (at Land Pro we create confidential profiles that details the unique landscaping needs of each customer) is critical in our business format. Therefore, it is imperative that we as a “service provider” have the resources and passion to commit, and as well execute “service excellence” on any project we are privileged to work on. This is our priority and responsibility.


Delivering “care” is about paying attention to the details, and committing the extra effort to exceed expectations. Care is also about increasing service value. Our customers will have an expectation of services, but this is not enough in terms of service excellence. When you apply a sincere” we-care mind set” to any project it means you are not only committed to meeting the project objectives but maintain a pro-active focus on finding ways to support your customer in ways they may not have thought about.

About Land Pro                  

Land Pro is a professional landscaping and properly maintenance firm based in Edmonton. If you would like more direction and support in regards to your property maintenance, please visit our website at:



Mike Baldock