Commercial Ice and Snow Management Tips

With the recent fluctuations in temperature, and precipitation ice build-up on parking lots and sidewalks is a serious safety hazard, and liability risk to business owners, customers and tenants. On a daily basis you need to pay attention to building access points and parking lots for ice build –up and areas that can be hazardous.


Parking Lots:

For parking lots the ideal fix for ice build –up is routine snow removal and scraping. This should be done after every heavy snow fall (5 cm or more). Then after every clearing apply a “pickled mix” of sand and ice melt (combined). Keep in mind that if the temperature is below -20c using sand without an ice melt compound will be of no use.


Managing the ice build –up on sidewalks can be tricky, especially if there is on-going freeze and thaw cycles. The best application is an “environment and pet friendly” deicer mixed with sand or rock chips near high traffic areas. Pay special attention to handy-cap parking areas and loading dock areas…often over-looked.       

Maintenance Plan:

Critical to managing the ice risk of your property is managing the overall snow removal needs of your public access areas. On sidewalks snow should always be removed based on a trace amount (visible footprint) and parking lots should have a scrape/plow when accumulations reach 5 cm…then immediately after… an application of pickled mix must be applied…always. The goal is to prevent any ice build –up. Not to mention pay close attention to temperature changes (snow melt/freeze cycles) so you can pro-actively plan ahead to tackle the ice with proper resources.        

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Mike Baldock