LandPro Industries

So Why LandPro?

There are many landscaping service providers out there …and we know that. However, very few have the landscaping expertise and business integrity you can trust…this is why we created LandPro. We are “seasoned” experts so to speak, and our objective is to provide flexible, value based professional landscaping services based on your unique needs. We believe in open collaboration about our services, your specific landscaping requirements and then build on a long-term mutually beneficial business partnership…it’s that simple.  

Our History:

LandPro Industries Ltd. has over 25 years of combined team experience in the commercial and residential landscaping industry within the Edmonton and area market. As our company continues to grow, we have been fortunate and able to assemble a team of dedicated landscape service professionals and partners dedicated to delivering the finest in their own field of skills and expertise. As a result, we continue to develop numerous positive relationships with home builders, construction firms and project management companies; not to mention individual home owners.  

Our Mission:

Our mission at LandPro is simple. We want to focus on each and every customer and their unique landscaping requirements then deliver superior services that offer value.   

Our Values:

As a growing company, we often step back and truly evaluate what we value.

  • The Loyalty and Quality Service Commitment from our Staff and Support Partners.

  • Our Customers and Their Unique Landscaping Needs.

  • A Company Culture Based on Trust, Professional Development and Service Integrity.

  • Integrating New Learning Processes and Knowledge Development That will Advance our service capability, and the Landscaping Services Industry.

Service Commitment:

Our services are guaranteed, and we will dedicate whatever resources are necessary to insure that your project or maintenance requirements are completed on time, and within budget. After all, we depend on referrals and references to grow our business, so we would like to earn your trust, and confidence.      

Service Partnerships:


LandPro has established an exclusive Partnership with MR Engineering, a professional Geo-technical /land resource engineering firm based in Edmonton. With this Partnership, LandPro can execute cost-effective grading services, and new home landscaping services for new home builders, and new homes owners with quicker more efficient approvals.  

We are also Complyworks Approved,

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LandPro Industries has been approved by Complyworks, based on our history of maintaining safe work environments, adhering to customer safety policies, and delivering services as promised.

Our association memberships:

LandPro is a member of ACSA, in good standing with WCB

LandPro is a member of ACSA, in good standing with WCB